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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Twilife's First Giveaway! Win a New Moon Party Planning Kit!

I am so excited to announce my first ever giveaway! Woot Woot! And since New Moon is fast approaching (38 days people...THIRTY EIGHT days!) TwiMom has provided a New Moon Party Planning kit for you to win! I mean, you are having a New Moon Party right?! Right, I mean who isn't!

Here is what the kit includes: Eleven beautifully designed pages, jam packed with decoration, food, music and entertainment ideas. 5 brand new games, gorgeous printable invitations, reVamped bottle labels, stickers, clip art, the works!

Here is how you can win:

Follow me on Twitter and receive 1 entry

ReTweet the contest and receive 2 entries

Follow my blog and receive 5 entries

Blog about the contest and receive 5 entries

You must leave a separate comment for each thing you do with your name, email address & what you did to receive an entry. If you retweet the contest, please leave a link with your twitter name.

The contest will end October 19th at 10:00 pm...I will announce the winner October month before the New Moon Premiere, that ought to give you enough time to plan your New Moon Party!

Thanks again to TwiMom & Good Luck to you!


Anna Ellis said...

I follow you, retweeted and also am now following your blog.


Anna Ellis

Ashley said...

I RTed the contest and I follow you on twitter.


how many submissions can you receive?

itsjustme said...

I could have sworn I was following your tweets, I rectified that situation. Also, RT and will add you to my blog's Best of Week Post.

Ashley said...

oops, here's the rest of my info


My Twilife said...

Thanks for entering ladies!

@Ashley, you can have up to 13 entries if you do all the things listed!

Good Luck everyone!

My Twilife said...

@Anna Ellis what is your screen name for following the blog?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Ohh I did comment already!!! But it is not there, Ok I enter again: You saw my RT and OooOo Betti and me need to win because we will meet the first time for the NM premiere!!

But, do you also send to Germany?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Mrs. Vanquish's "OooOo" always cracks me up - LOL.

Yes please consider her when choosing the winners, she's some fiercly eager for this party kit, since we're planning on a Twilight pyjama party!

And we herewith promise(!!) to take evidence pics in case we have that party kit with us!! And you may put them on your blog, for shizzle!!

(Don't worry, Mrs.V, I'll do some photoshop tricks to protect your privacy. As for me, well, everybody knows already what I look like - too late!)

The party kit would also be incredibly helpful to distract Mrs.V and soothe her, because - go figure! - she's totally spoilerfree still!!!
Well, I'm not, so I could use some distraction too, to keep me from accidentally telling her spoilerish things, ok?

I mean, If I do, this could be the end of a wonderful friendship, worst case scenario!!
You don't want to be responsible for such a thing, not even inderectly, right?

So you see - for me and Mrs.V, this would be rather a survival kit than a party kit.
Or a First Aid kit.
Or a pussykit... (<- WTF?!?)

I'm trailing of... uhm,

*chorus, crowd cheering*:

Misses V. - Misses V.
Give da partykit to she!!!
Send da partykit to her
to prevent big time malheur!!!

*end of chorus*

Bad grammer, I know - but it rhymes!!

'k, gave it my all...

*reels away, exhausted*

Annie said...

I'm following you on Twitter.

I retweeted you on Twitter.

I'm following you on Blogger.

I blogged about your contest as part of today's "Twi-spam."

Phew! You can't say I didn't try my best. ;) Thanks for sponsoring this contest! Those are some awesome prizes. :D

Amy said...

Following your blog (religiously for a while now loL) - Following you On Twitter (Don't know how I wasn't before?!?!? LOL) - commenting on Blog - AND I just re-tweeted your contest! (I'm @AmyMelz) Awesome contest by the way. My Twi-girls and I are having a "New Moon" party on the evening of the 19th before seeing the midnight showing. We got "New Moon" cups, plates etc from Birthday Direct, and we are getting a cake made from the official poster. The lovelies from this contest would go perfectly with our party!! HOPE I WIN!!! THANKS!!!!

Fire Crotch said...

Stalk on Twitter - check (@FireCr0tch)
Stalk on Blog - check
RT - check
Blog - not checked...yet...I think I will create a sidebar item tonight.

Fire Crotch said...

Blog sidebar item created (thanks photobucket for not cock-blocking me this morning!).

My Twilife said...

You guys are awesome! I was afraid no one would enter! Ha! Was I wrong!

Thanks for all the compliments on the contest!

@betti if this was a contest for the best would win! And sending pics of the winner using the kit should be a stipulation of winning!

@Annie @FireCrotch thanks for putting the contest on your blogs! You guys rock!!

@Amy Thanks for following me religiously! :) that makes me happy! Good luck!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

A contest? I love free stuff! Time to shamelessly pimp the goods:

- Of course I already follow the blog because you rock my world :)
- And, I already stalk you on Twitter (not that I'm on there much)
- You are the proud owner of my first attempt at RT (check me out at RobsSwissMiss and make sure I did it right)
- Will get back to you on the blog post ;)

Good luck, hope you get lots of participants!

My Twilife said...

Via Email:

Hey lovely,

you know of course that I'm following you on Twitter and of course I also retweeted your post (which I would've done anyways).

I still love your work, you're amazing!

Jasmin (@Alice2809)

Martine said...

I follow you on twitter

twittername: nazarienne


Martine said...

I retweeted about the contest

Martine said...

I'm following your blog /

Jenny Jerkface said...

OMG, STY and I NEED that!! We MUST have it. It comes with a jug of wine, right? LOL!

I already follow your lovely blog and I will most definitely retweet this.

Valerie said...

I follow you on twitter. Looking forward to your tweets.

Valerie said...

I have retweeted so all my friends can enter!

jezzie99 said...

I have been following you and love reading your updates and seeing the pics you post. I have retweeted so my friends can enter as well as enjoy your site. Keep up the great work.

mmc67 said...

twitted the contest

silverhartgirl said...

I follow you on twitter
silverhartgirl at

JJPattz said...

Now following your blog! So excited for New Moon.

SweepSpot said...

Following ur blog on google

SweepSpot said...

following u on twitter @sweepsspot

SweepSpot said...

tweeted u here

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following on twitter @halfbluesky

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following blog through google

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following blog through google 2nd entry

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following blog through google 3

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following blog through google 4

SharpTeethOfLove said...

following blog through google 5

SharpTeethOfLove said...


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