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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Wolf Goes Vamp: Alex Meraz Photoshoot

THIS FALL MTV debuts the new reality series Styl’d, in which young, aspiring stylists work for famed celebrity stylists—Jen Rade, Eric Archibald and Julie Weiss—as they vie for a contract with Los Angeles’ renowned Margaret Maldonado Agency. As is par for the reality- show course, there will be backstabbing, hookups and plenty of daunting challenges in which each cast member tries to prove his or her innate styling abilities. During the months of filming, one of the challenges was an editorial fashion shoot with Los Angeles Confidential, featuring The Twilight Saga: New Moon actor Alex Meraz. On the following pages, see the hauntingly beautiful shoot that took place at the Grand View Cemetery in Glendale as part of the show.

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1 comment:

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I'm on the fence about Alex...if it wasn't for his hot bod, I'm not sure he'd do anything for me. That being said, these pics are totally hawt.

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