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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Behind The Scenes: 5 Things We Didn't Know About New Moon

MTV's Hollywood Crush Has 5 facts we didn't know about the Movie:

Our favorite on the list actually pulls from a scene in the trailer, where Bella (Kristen Stewart) is seen hitting wolf pack leader Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer). Apparently, even though Chaske has nine inches and (we’re guessing) over a hundred pounds on Kristen, she still left him black and blue after the 15 takes it took to get the shot. (Bet that was fun!)

"We did this scene and Kristen, she has a mean right hook," Chaske told MTV News (as seen in the video above) with a laugh. "She hits me — I think it's in the trailer. She hit me really hard, and I'm trying to be all guy-ish, show that she didn't hurt me in front of [the other wolf pack] guys, or I'll get teased. After 15 takes, ouch! She's a little firecracker." (I can totes see that!)

Another fun fact which also can be seen in the trailers have to do with the scene where Jacob (Taylor Lautner) jumps into Bella’s window in the Swan house. Apparently that window didn’t exist in the house used in “Twilight,” but production designer David Brisbin felt the scene was cool enough to make the change. (That does look like a sweet scene! Glad they added the window)

Speaking of houses, after the perfect home for Jacob Black was found, production designers had to repaint the house red because they were scared the color of the building, which was originally green, would upset detail-attentive fans. (Damn straight the house better be red!)

Fun fact number four is that director Chris Weitz put together a 20-page introductory pamphlet for the cast and crew the day they came on set so they would know his plan for the film – and to encourage them to improvise from there.

Finally, and most interestingly, the flight Bella and Alice (Ashley Greene) take from Seattle to Italy is clearly a Virgin America flight. This must have solely been because Virgin America bought advertising in the film, because no flights run from Washington to Italy. Sorry to those who were hoping to make that fan trek a reality.

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Hmm...I can think of another (chaste and moral) reason for Virgin America to be the airline ;)

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