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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Behind the Scenes Videos: Teen Mag & VF Photoshoots

We all know I have an OBVIOUS love for the Vanity Fair shoot!
So it was cool to see this behind the scenes video!

Click here to see the Teen Mag Video.

Source: Pattinson Online

1 comment:

sparkle for twilight said...

I think everyone is obsessed with the VF shoot lol. Have you watched like the hour+ footage? I've been trying to find those Teen Mag shots in HQ forever :( I'm kind of sad that I got tuned into Twilight late, and literally two weeks before my obsession began I cleaned out old magazines I order that had Twilight features like the InStyle, VF, and Nylon with Kristen on it. I hadn't even paid attention so I was kicking myself!

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