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Friday, September 11, 2009

One Woman's Opinion: "Is Twilight Bad for Your Love Life?"

MSN has an article about a blogger from Glamour who did a "feminist reading" of Twilight and pointed out all the things that bugged her about it. Here are a couple:

2. The guys are totally unrealistic.
Women are always writing male characters how we'd like guys to be — not how they really are. We're setting up expectations. In Twilight's beach scene, Mike Newton brings Bella "sandwiches and an array of sodas to choose from" (118). Excuse me, but a teenage boy at a beach is either going to be goofing around with the other boys, throwing marshmallows, or spending hours in the water.

4.Bella is a domestic diva.
She cooks for her bachelor dad every night. (Okay, I guess cooking is technically a hobby. But she doesn't do it out of joy, really. It's more out of a sense of obligation.) Bella does laundry, too. But I think we only see her do homework once. See, she's too busy feeding a man to stop and feed her mind. There's nothing wrong with cooking for a man, but doing it in tandem with constantly getting saved by a guy and worshipping said guy ... it's just too much. At least Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast loves to read, right?

Interesting points, I can't say I totally disagree with it all...Twilight just might be bad for your love life, depending on who you ask ;) ...The Hubster would def say YES with a Capital Y!! And I mean come on...I have yet to meet a real life Edward...

Read it all here.

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