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Monday, September 7, 2009

Tons of reVAMPed Creativity on Etsy!

Wool mittens - like the ones Bella wore on the day of the "almost accident"

I am always looking for fan-made Twilight Art to feature on the blog, and RaShell has responded before with her own Twi-Art! She once again approached me about all the great Twi-inspired stuff on Etsy and agreed to share some of her favorites:

From Top Left: Twilight Fragrences, Twilight inspired Makeup.

From left: Bella bracelet, Twilight forest earrings, His Golden Eyes bracelet, In the mist ring.

reVAMPed Creativity

This is how it usually goes. You hear about a book, you see it around, being read by people you know and complete strangers. You resist for a little while, thinking you’re “not like everybody else”. Then, on a slow day, you give in and an hour later, you’re hooked. Can’t put the book down, read into the midnight, unable to stop. Dying to find out what’s going to happen to the-now-favorite characters you arrange to get the sequels before you finish the first one... You treasure the site of several thick tomes sitting & waiting to be devoured and then all too quickly, they’re all read and you are left high and dry, having withdrawals. You re-read, then resort to the funfic (haven’t we all?), scour the booksites for similar titles and other fans’ suggestions... But there’s still this gaping hole in your chest that just refuses to close (how very New Moon is that?)... Sounds familiar? Well, in my (as well as many other artisans and crafts-people) case, what really helps to ease the “separation anxiety” is a good old burst of creativity. That’s right, some books are just begging to be explored and exploited in artistic ways...

Since joining Etsy community, I’ve come across many very talented people. They all have their own inspirations, I’m sure, but there’s also a group (although not huge) that is inspired by the very same literary saga you and I hold near and dear to our hearts. TwiFans unite! Although not an official Team (yet ;), there are plenty of Twilight fans like myself out there in the Etsy Community. They live and breath Stephenie Meyer’s book and that fascination (bordering on obsession) gets their creative juices flowing :)

So, here is a list of my most favorite TwiEtsyians (in no particular order). Their goods vary, but the spirit of the books remains. Note that all of them are very respectful of Stephenie’s and Summit’s copyrights and really truly create something special for the fellow TwiFans, don’t just sell images from the movies...

From Left: Bella's Bracelet, Twilight inspired jewels, Rosalie's ring.

Many Many Thanks to RaShell for taking the time to put together this great feature!

You can visit her @ and or check out her blog Apples of my Eyes.

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