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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Check out these Pictures from EW's Latest Issue with Rob, Kristen & Taylor

Entertainment Weekly gives us an early look at the cover and inside of their latest issue with Rob, Kristen & Taylor:

Rob Pattinson Really Just Wants a Vacation
''I've been working since January 14th. I've had three days off.'' [winces] ''I know I'm making it sound like I'm complaining.''

Rob Pattinson on His Media Shyness
''The only reason you need a publicist is if you want to be constantly in the media — I would prefer never to be in it.''
Kristen Stewart on Her Polarizing Appeal
''I feel like all the exchanges I've had with the fans have been so awesome. It makes me forget about the people who look at everything they're given in the media and take it at face value and decide what their opinion is about me without knowing me.''
Rob Pattinson on the Perils of Early Fame
''There's always a fear of not being able to grow.''
Taylor Lautner on his Portrayal of Jacob
''It was a lot of hard work,'' he said of the 32 lbs. of muscle he packed on before the sequel. ''But mentally and emotionally as well. Jacob doesn't just change physically.''

Pick up the issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale tomorrow Nov. 13th!

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