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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rob, Kristen & Taylor in Madrid for New Moon Press Conference

Untagged version via RPLife
Tweets from the Madrid Press Conference:

RT @Uchiland: Kstew is wearing a black dress.she said her fave book is NM.
RT @Uchiland: Chris said his fave part of the is italy.Rob said the break up scene.
RT @Uchiland: Tay fave scene is when he jumps inside bellas room and they talk.
RT @Uchiland: And the stuns.Kris said the break up scene too.
RT @Uchiland: Shes explain the story about how emotional was the moment they wrapped.
RT @Uchiland: Kris is whispering to tay while translator is tranlasting robs answer
RT @Uchiland Rob says that hi deals w/ the fans screams thinking that they screams to Edward

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