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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taylor Swift Sings About "Dating the Werewolf from Twilight" on SNL ;)

I don't post gossipy stuff...and who am I to say if the Taylor's are dating...but I couldn't resist posting this video of Taylor Swift singing her Monologue song on SNL!

She rocks my socks! I love her...and not because she MIGHT be dating Taylor Lautner...but if they were? CAAAAUTE!!! ;)

Taylor Swift's SNL Monologue song with Twilight mention = Awesomeness!

via TwiCrack


Twilusted said...

*waves to Jessica*

I loved Taylor Swift's monologue song. It was hilare!

OMFGspot, the banner really ties in well with your website design! Visually dynamic! Thanks again for showcasing my Twilight art creations. :)

Always Twilusted,

Greg Delaney said...

Taylor Swift's Monologue song was cute... but then again everything about Taylor Swift is cute

My Twilife said...

@ Twilusted I know!! I Love it! You did such a great job as always! Anytime you want to make more is fine with me! ;)

@Greg Delaney OME do I have my first male commenter??!! *cracks open a bottle of bubbly* :)

Crystal Niamh said...

Hey, just wanted to say I think Taylor did an amazing job hosting SNL this Saturday :) she stayed very poised and is a very talented girl. by far one of my favourite celebrities. her mention of Taylor Lautner did raise suspision, and I don't know if it's true or not, but I think they would definitely make a cute couple.

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